Saturday, 6 September 2014

Fish Stripper SystemCOMPLETE SYSTEM £750 (20 hook system) £1050 (up to 30 hook system)



This system is the culmination of all the feedback received from our customers over the past 7 years, and we feel confident that the design changes will make this Mackerel fish stripping system more compatible with the type of boat used for line fishing. The unique horse shoe tube design enables both Troll and Drift mode fishing whil"st mounted across the Gunwhale.

  • New 4" dia HORSESHOE tube, To reduce fish loss
  • Horizontally mounted, adjustable, rotating stripper bars
  • For extra stability Outrigger mast goes through stripper box keeper and onto deck
  • Compact size to suit the smallest of boat.
  • Lightweight design for ease of setting up and removal.
  • Designed to fish with 20 hooks,and a maximum of 30 hooks.
  • Extra outrigger and gunwhale bracket needed (£300) when fishing with more than 20 hooks.
  • Great for catching your own bait.
  • All stainless steel construction with polyprop sides, base.
  • Size Lengh (1000mm, 39")inc pulley wheel, Width (500mm, 20") Depth (400mm,16")inc depth of gunwhale bracket.
  • Weight of stripper box with gunwhale bracket 20KG
  • COMPLETE SYSTEM £750 (20 hook system) £1050 (up to 30 hook system)
  • Free Mackerel trace, line and weight with every system sold.
  • Gunwhale bracket allows stripper box to swing inboard when coming into port/quayside

stripper-2013 stripper-20132


Our new unique directional eye does away with the need for a roller behind the stripper box.The "eye" can be rotated to any position through 90 degrees to allow the line to go vertically or horizontally to an outrigger, jigging machine or gurdy wheel.The "eye" also has the safety feature of never allowing the line to become detached from the stripper box.

Mackerel Fish Stripping System Video





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